(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. rood, crucifix; crosspiece, cross mark, X, ex; gibbet; bur-den, trial, trouble, adversity, affliction; hybrid, mixture, crossbreed; half-caste, half-breed; (cap.) Christianity, the Church, Gospel. —v. cross-breed, cross-pollinate, mix; traverse, go across, ford; mark out, cancel, strike out; pass over, lie across or athwart; bar, line, crosshatch; circumvent, thwart, frustrate, foil, oppose, hinder, obstruct. See crossing, nullification, opposition, travel.—adj. opposite, converse; peevish (see irascibility).
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Ill-tempered]
Syn. irritable, jumpy, easily annoyed, pettish; see angry , critical 2 , irritable .
2. [Crossbred]
Syn. crossed, mixed, alloyed; see hybrid .
See Synonym Study at irritable . n.
1. [Religious symbol, especially of Christianity]
Syn. crucifix, cruciform, rood, Greek cross, papal cross, Maltese cross, St. Andrew's cross, Celtic cross, Jerusalem cross, patriarchal cross, cross of Lorraine, Latin cross, Calvary cross, swastika.
2. [A tribulation]
Syn. affliction, trial, misfortune; see affliction , difficulty 1 , 2 .
3. [A mixed offspring]
Syn. hybrid, mongrel, crossbreed; see hybrid , mixture 1 .
1. [To pass over]
Syn. traverse, go across, pass across, pass over, go over, pass, ford, cut across, overpass, span, crisscross, travel over.
2. [To lie across]
Syn. intersect, lie athwart, rest across, extend across, bisect, converge, meet, join; see also divide 1 .
3. [To mix breeds]
Syn. mingle, interbreed, cross-pollinate, hybridize, cross-fertilize, crossbreed, intercross, blend; see also mix 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. crucifix crux, rood. ''Ladders that lead to heaven.''—Samuel Smiles.
cross-bearer: crucifer
cross-shaped: cruciate, cruciform
cross with circle behind crossbeam: Celtic cross
cross with v-shaped ends: Maltese cross
Egyptian cross with loop on top: ankh, ansate cross
horizontal beam: transom
2.cross to bear, burden weight, suffering, adversity, load, albatross, affliction, misfortune, pain.
1. traverse span, pass over, extend, go across, bridge, ply, ford.
2. intersect converge, meet, join, bisect, crisscross, entwine.
3.mix mingle, blend, crossbreed, hybridize, fuse.
4. hinder oppose, thwart, frustrate, foil, check, deny, impede, stymie, interfere with.
ANT.: 4. help, aid, assist
angry, irritable, crabby, testy, touchy, annoyed, surly, snappy, *pissed, *put out, peeved, ill-tempered, mad, *full of piss and vinegar, waspish, choleric.
ANT.: happy, cheerful, good-humored
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun Something hard to bear physically or emotionally: affliction, burden1, trial, tribulation. See HEAVY, OVER. II verb 1. To go across: pass, track, transit, traverse. See MOVE. 2. To pass through or over: crisscross, crosscut, cut across, decussate, intersect. See MEET. 3. To remove or invalidate by or as if by running a line through or wiping clean. Also used with off on out: annul, blot (out), cancel, delete, efface, erase, expunge, obliterate, rub (out), scratch (out), strike (out), undo, wipe (out), x (out). Law: vacate. See CONTINUE. 4. Informal. To prevent from accomplishing a purpose: baffle, balk, check, checkmate, defeat, foil, frustrate, stymie, thwart. Informal: stump. Idiom: cut the ground from under. See ALLOW. III adjective Having or showing a bad temper: bad-tempered, cantankerous, crabbed, cranky, disagreeable, fretful, grouchy, grumpy, ill-tempered, irascible, irritable, nasty, peevish, petulant, querulous, snappish, snappy, surly, testy, ugly, waspish. Informal: crabby, mean2. Idiom: out of sorts. See ATTITUDE.

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